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Flash VS Arrow! Enjoy :D

2014-12-08 20:39:44 by raremasta

I've released my latest video! I had a fun experience working on it. I want to encourage to check out my youtube channel for bunus content like making of and fun tutroials where I share what I learned. Also certain Stuff that never got released Newgrounds!

Here's my youtube channel for fun extra stuff



SO I'm Back

2014-10-20 03:08:32 by raremasta

Im going to be coming out ith new stuff. I give up my life to my tablet !

I'm Alive Guys!

2013-09-25 00:45:45 by raremasta

Working on some short skits featuring Green & Blue!
Be sure to subscribe to my YT channel or Follow me here on NG


RHG Battle 1

2011-11-03 04:13:25 by raremasta

So I finished my First RHG Battle! :P! My opponent however had finished before me, but lastly told me his computer busted, so he can't post his entry yet, so I'll have to wait on who will win in the RHG battle. I feel Confident, may the best Fighter Win :D.

RHG Battle 1


2011-09-12 04:56:58 by raremasta

So yea, I said I will be releasing a new episode of fearless friends every 2 weeks but guess what!? nope didn't happen! But for a good reason! My partners and I have been developing the script and is been a crazy phenomenon! Also, we have created a theme song for the Series! I am so Happy... wow i sound like a lil girl >.>. Anyway, that's the update, Fearless Friends Episode 2 or more like 1.5 Coming soon... Reason why i say 1.5 is because, this episode puts the story together. See, the original episode 1 Was like a wtf release... It was my first try at the new invented Stickman format, and i guess i pulled the trigger too early. nut hey, is never too late! Fearless Friends (FF) are coming out with a BOOM! hehe


2011-08-17 23:06:05 by raremasta

Hello to those who actually read this T.T.... lol. anyway's I am currently developing two serries, one is called the Legend of Cree(Action/Adventure/Drama) and the other is called Fearlers Friends(comedy). I have submitted animations here and there but none that had made me popular here in NG what so ever. However, this time i have put much time and effort developing these stories, and all i can do is hope u NGRs will love them. Thanks

Oscar Out.

Hello NGS!

2011-05-24 09:27:20 by raremasta

It's Been A good Year so far, hard to take how it goes by so dam fast. However, I'm on my break from college now and have so much more time on my hands. I'm Currently working on a couple of Flash projects, as well as posting shorts here and there. but My main Focus is my FIRST VIDEO GAME! which is a series I'm Stating called live the stories. Also we survived doom's day, cool! This Calls for a Parody ANIMATION! hehehehehehe.


2011-01-28 05:15:52 by raremasta

Hello!, to those who care or may at all be interested.

This update is to let you guys know that I'll be working really hard this year to bring some awesome crazy Stick Flash movie content!. I will continue the Legend of Dragoon series, however is not my main focus!. I'm currently developing new scripts, to bring you action packed/ Drama packed stories that will leave you starving for more. Once again! Heads up! this is a great year!

About Legend Of Dragons.

2009-06-13 05:54:32 by raremasta

This Up Coming Series are inspired by my all time favorite video game. "Legend Of The Dragoon" For The Sony Playstation 1.
(Warning This Is Completely Fan Made And A 100% Customized. This Was Not Meant To Offend Anyone Or Steal Any Previous Work.)

What Makes it Different. Well I Have Replaced All The Characters With Family And Friends, And I. Now What Really Makes It Different is That Im Giving Fans The Opportunity to be a Character in Which Ever Episode I Happen To Be Working On. Not Everyone Can Be In IT, But 3-5 Additional Characters Will Be Chosen From The Character Description Posted On Our Forum. Visit HereFor More Information.